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Welcome to the Twisted RPM Club

Welcome to the Twisted RPM club bikers. We are based in the Surrey area (Staines) and basically a group of enthusiastic bikers of all ages and all types of bikes who like to get out for great rides and have a banter over a coffee and a bacon roll. As the name suggests we like to get off the main roads and enjoy country roads, with a nice few bends with the odd surprise .. as in "Where did that bend come from!" No rules, no fees, no agm. Just a group of guys out to enjoy our bikes and have fun. Its always great to meet and welcome new bikers and try ride outs, but we limit our group to small numbers on the runs. We have regular ride outs on Sundays, so feel free to view our calendar for dates and details of runs. The idea of the club came together when a few of us enjoyed the ride outs and friends joined in too, and then the club started. We are happy for you to view the runs and send any enquiries via the web site. All runs are checked before a ride out just to make sure there are a few pot holes to add to the fun! .....

**Please note that each rider is responsible for his riding skills and own machine**

Run Coordinator:- Nigel Judge